John Feather, PhD: International Aging: It’s Not What You Think

This is an important and well written article. We hear a great deal of noise about the aging population. We don’t need to worry about the aging population, we need to redefine aging itself…


Aging presents formidable challenges, but, as Dr. John Beard says, “we need to reinvent the way we think about ageing itself. We want to be stretching life in the middle, not just at the end. This means keeping people healthy for as long as possible, and giving them the opportunity to do the things they want and that society needs.” It is a call to action we need to hear around the world.

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Boomers Underestimate LTC Cost, Life Expectancy

Boomers 50 and older estimated the future annual cost to be nearly $79,000. However, using data from a 2010 article from Life and Health Advisor, Nationwide found the cost of a nursing home could rise to $265,000 per year by 2030.

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Aging gracefully: Germans grow gray together –

An interesting idea…

In a spacious, sunlit apartment on the outskirts of Potsdam, Germany, eight roommates between the ages of 80 and 100 share a kitchen, a living room — and 24-hour nursing care.

Though all tenants suffer from dementia, these seniors aren’t whiling away in a nursing home. In the open living area, complete with a flat-screen TV and photos of grandchildren on the wall, an elderly tenant draws, another arranges a flower bouquet, and a third runs a vacuum cleaner repeatedly over the same spot.

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Japan’s robot industry for elderly encouraged by government – Tokyo Times

This seems like a misguided idea to me…

“We aim to realize mass marketing of cheap robots costing Y100,000 to Y200,000 (about $1,000 to $2,000), no matter whether they look like a typical humanoid robot,” Akifumi Kitashima, deputy director of the industry ministry’s industrial machinery division in charge of the project said.

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More seniors dying in bedrail accidents, reports show – Manitoba – CBC News

More grim news regarding the care of our seniors…

More seniors have died in Manitoba after becoming trapped in their bed rails, despite years of warnings from U.S. and Canadian health authorities.

Eileen Stratton died at age 84 at Golden West Centennial Lodge. Bed rails are believed to have played a role in her death. (CBC)

CBC News has learned in the last 2 ½ years, four Winnipeg nursing home residents died following a bed rail entrapment — one in 2011, two in 2012 and one in 2013.

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA), which oversees personal care homes in the city, said in three of the four cases, the residents were found dead in their beds, while one died several days after the incident.

“It’s horrifying to think that happened to someone you loved,” said Nina Logan, a Winnipeg woman whose mother died in a nursing home in 2004.

Her mother suffocated when she became trapped between the mattress and a bed rail.

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Empathy Without Boundaries –

What can caregivers do? Dr. G. Allen Power, a geriatrician in Rochester, talks to groups around the country about this issue. “We have to be very aware of our body language — being centered, present, not being distracted — when we’re with someone with dementia,” he said. “If we’re not, they’ll pick up on it and it will begin to shut them down.”

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How to Approach Aging Parents’ Mental Decline | Fox Business

Golden: Family members should definitely involve the aging parent in the process of developing a plan where you are assisting them with their finances. This is “their” plan and you are following their wishes. Approach the family member experiencing cognitive decline in a positive and supportive way to let them know that you are there to offer your help and support. Be sensitive to their point of view. They have worked hard over a lifetime to accumulate their resources. The aging family member may be apprehensive about relinquishing control of their finances.

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