The Joy of Old Age. (No Kidding.) –

A wonderful essay from Oliver Sacks on the approach of his 80th birthday…

My father, who lived to 94, often said that the 80s had been one of the most enjoyable decades of his life. He felt, as I begin to feel, not a shrinking but an enlargement of mental life and perspective. One has had a long experience of life, not only one’s own life, but others’, too. One has seen triumphs and tragedies, booms and busts, revolutions and wars, great achievements and deep ambiguities, too. One has seen grand theories rise, only to be toppled by stubborn facts. One is more conscious of transience and, perhaps, of beauty. At 80, one can take a long view and have a vivid, lived sense of history not possible at an earlier age. I can imagine, feel in my bones, what a century is like, which I could not do when I was 40 or 60. I do not think of old age as an ever grimmer time that one must somehow endure and make the best of, but as a time of leisure and freedom, freed from the factitious urgencies of earlier days, free to explore whatever I wish, and to bind the thoughts and feelings of a lifetime together.

I am looking forward to being 80.

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Coming of Age — Again

1) From a strictly biological perspective, we can see that aging begins in our late 20′s.

2) The biological changes related to aging are tightly integrated and highly coordinated.

3) We often find evidence of growth in age when we take the time to seek it out.

4) Growth gives meaning to life and a life without meaning is not worth living.

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Revera – Report on Happiness

Developed in partnership with the International Federation on Ageing, the Revera Report on Happiness demonstrates that happiness, as well as optimism about aging, increases as people get older. This research was undertaken to challenge the negative attitudes and stereotypes faced by seniors, and to celebrate the ageless spirit of older people.

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