How Are You Affecting the World?

A good question at any age…


artworks-000030947287-2s9tye-original[1]How Are You Affecting The World?

“We are all affecting the world every moment, whether we mean to or not. Our actions and states of mind matter, because we are so deeply interconnected with one another.” — Ram Dass

Did you ever stop to think that everything you do, say, feel, think is affecting the entire universe?  And, all people from all ages everywhere and everywhen likewise have and will affect the whole.

We hear the words – we are one.  We all exist in the same field – and, that field has existed since the beginning – whenever that was.  The vibration of the field or the character of the field is determined by our states of mind, our actions, our feelings.  It is a composite of the energy of all beings across all times.  A sort of repository.  If I am angry – the vibration in the field…

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Help! I’m ready to retire but I still need a job

Older workers face far longer periods of unemployment, McCann says. “Many fall into the category of discouraged workers. Some just give up. For those who do find re-employment, it’s often for far less money than they were making.”

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How Culture Stops Mourners From Healing


Our death denying culture continues to send the message to mourners that the healthiness of an individual’s grief is to be measured by how quickly and proficiently the mourner “gets over” the loss and moves into a productive life. I remember a co-worker who was supported by our employer while her husband went through months of chemotherapy to fight cancer. Once her husband died and weeks passed, she was fired because of a lack of productivity.

The wells of compassion for that mourner had gone dry when her grief continued too long. Unfortunately this example is typical of our culture and the corporate, bottom-line world. In our competitive, achievement-oriented culture, grief and mourners are seen as inefficient.

I am sorry if my views seem a little harsh and pessimistic, but too many mourners starting their life path into healthy mourning and healing have their grief short-circuited by our culture. The…

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AGING AMERICA: Live to 120? Most say no thanks – Businessweek

An increased lifespan is not necessarily ideal…

But with the field growing, Pew took the public’s pulse and found most Americans wouldn’t want a treatment that would let them live to 120. Fifty-six percent said no thanks — although two-thirds expect most other people would want to try such a step, said the report issued Tuesday.

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Second Opinion: Ageism develops a nasty twist – Family News & Advice | Parenting, Marriage & Kids | The Irish Tim – Tue, Aug 13, 2013

Sadly, ageism seems to be intensifying…

Now, according to the NPAS, older people are stereotyped as being either “sick, disabled, non-contributors to society” or as “healthy, financially secure, and taking advantage of State benefits that they can afford to pay for themselves”.

The term “intergenerational conflict” has become part of public discourse, implying that older and younger people are in conflict about how income is distributed in society.

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Fear #4 — Fear of Aging

Perhaps this is something we all feel…

Source of Inspiration


Wrinkled fragile hand,
splotched with gnarled veins.
One by one, we lose that
which was once beautiful,
valued, desired. We see
the elderly hobble along,
forgetful, dependent and
fear growing old and decrepit,
hideous, revolting, a toothless crone.


There are societies where elders
are valued, honored for their
experience and wisdom, living
out their final years loved
and respected. Yet there are
others who warehouse their elderly,
drugged and lonely, waiting
for death, which comes bit
by bit every day.

We all become the aged;
which society will you support?
Will we lovingly care for our
aged even when they do not remember
who we are, or shut them away
in sweetly named prisons?

What we choose today determines
what we have tomorrow.

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