Boomers Underestimate LTC Cost, Life Expectancy

Boomers 50 and older estimated the future annual cost to be nearly $79,000. However, using data from a 2010 article from Life and Health Advisor, Nationwide found the cost of a nursing home could rise to $265,000 per year by 2030.

via Boomers Underestimate LTC Cost, Life Expectancy.


2 thoughts on “Boomers Underestimate LTC Cost, Life Expectancy

  1. Hi Jean – it is sad to see this emerging trend. It is an uncomfortable problem. Hopefully, we as a society and community of belonging can find a way to approach it with the creativity and sensitivity it deserves. Our elderly should not have to worry about finances.

  2. Brain, I know your recent posts on finances are not the most uplifting but it is crucially important that the issue of ageing and finance is raised as much as possible as it can be devastatingly difficult for all sorts of groups, including those who are already in old age, their families and people who are looking towards their later years with a sense of terror.

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