Sara Rix: Boomers — Will They Shun Retirement?

This article gets closer to the reality that the new retirement is a highly individual and creative process of making fundamental adjustments in life in response to aging. It also reminds us the “the boomers” are not a single coherent group that act in a coordinated manner:

Boomers don’t speak with one voice when it comes to retirement. Although about four in 10 admit that they can’t wait to retire, just as many say they won’t ever want to stop working. Even more expect to work in retirement. The media, policy analysts and worker advocates have zeroed in on the would-be workers: Boomers, they suggest, will be the new face of retirement; they will do things their way — combining spells of work and leisure in creative ways later in life, forging second or third careers, becoming senior entrepreneurs, even working to very advanced ages.

Many boomers will do some or all of these things, as even older workers are doing now. But boomers will also retire — often early — despite assertions to the contrary. In fact, they are doing that already. True, retirement-age boomers are more likely to be in the labor force today than their counterparts of a generation ago, thanks largely to women’s rising labor force participation, but those who remain at work at age 65 are still in the minority.

via Sara Rix: Boomers — Will They Shun Retirement?.