Forgetful or Selective?

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old hands2

I forget something and
people tell me I am old.
What they do not understand
is that I no longer wish to
fill my mind with trivia.
Instead, I focus on what is
meaningful at each moment.

That is, unless I forget to.

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2 thoughts on “Forgetful or Selective?

  1. Hi Pat – it’s new to me too 🙂 I like your perspective on the “Golden Years,” and the inspiring perspective you offer.

  2. I did not know one could be a specialist in aging…I must be well on my way to my Ph.D 🙂 I think these “Golden Years,” are the best kept secret. We hear only horror stories about aging, but for me, these years are so interesting in ways that one could never experience as a youth. hugs, pat

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