“The Art of Dying” and a good death – JSOnline

A very interesting perspective on the role of suffering in death and dying and how we should approach it…

Hospice and palliative care can erase pain, and with it — at times — consciousness. This is not a good death, according to physician Farr Curlin. He notes that two 15th century Latin texts, “Ars Moriendi” or “The Art of Dying,” give advice on what makes a “good death.”

The role of consciousness — being able to contemplate what has been, and what is about to be — is a key component.

He believes that those providing care must re-examine the belief that suffering calls for “immediate treatment,” according to a Life Matters Media blog post.

“In hospice and palliative medicine, we are increasingly aiming to end the condition of health that makes suffering possible, namely consciousness,” Curlin said is the article. But  he continued: “Consciousness for many is itself a form of suffering which many find unbearable.”

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