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The media is full of magic potions and lotions that are supposed to halt ageing in its tracks and make us all more youthful. Not a day goes by without yet another high end miracle being launched in the powerful skincare world that promises bigger returns. Yet, some of us have known for years what really slows down the process of ageing.

Being happy they say is key to slowing down ageing. You look at some old people and admire their sense of growing old gracefully. They have this sense of serenity in their eyes and an attitude of ease. They are content with their old and are ready to handle ageing with grace. For every Hollywood star obsessed with youth portions, there are stars such as Helen Mirren who portrayed Queen Elizabeth II , who have managed to look good in their golden years. Helen Mirren looks and acts very content, dresses in a very age-appropriate fashion and knows how to keep herself in a dignified yet fashionable manner.

Find time for yourself

Being able to handle the fact that you are ageing is another powerful factor that can rein in the damages caused by ageing. Some people can never accept that they are ageing and that sooner they embrace the thought, the better their lives will be. Some personify the ‘mutton dressed as lamb’, looking ridiculous and pathetic in the process. When you accept that the process of ageing is inevitable and comes upon everyone, you have automatically qualified yourself to look better.

Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth II

Being able to find time for yourself is important as you age. Too many of us spend so much time dedicated to children that there isn’ t anytime left for oneself. That should not be the case – it is important to find time during which you can be yourself, rest and relax and recharge your batteries. Some elderly people are forever in the service of the children, looking after grandchildren and sometimes great grandchildren, carting them off to classes and back, cooking and taking care of them until the parents return. Some elderly parents are taken for granted by adult children who expect the parents to be around to handle chores on behalf of grandchildren. It’s all very good to help the children but there should also be time left over to take care of one self.

Powerful motivator

Being able to let go and rest is important to enable us to stay fighting fit even as old age threatens to cripple us mentally and physically. Some hold on to grudges and old enmities for a lifetime – holding on to grudges is only going to make you feel negative and bad during a time when you should be feeling good and restful, so let go of grudges and forgive those who have caused hurt and pain. Forgiveness heals the forgiver more than the one being forgiven and opens the door to rest. Understanding that some things will never change is a powerful motivator. Some people spend a lifetime trying to change themselves, others or their circumstances. While some circumstances and some people can be changed that is not true for the entire universe.

There will be some stumbling blocks and rocks which as you get older, you can afford to forget about. You are as old as you feel, say the experts. That’s why some in their old age continue to conquer new mountains and others feel they are too sick or feeble to cross the street. So what is your take on ageing – how equipped are you to tell yourself I can still do this and that and consider myself to be a productive citizen even in old age.

Ageing is a process that can be slowed down if we so are inclined to. By ourselves and not by potions and lotions. In the end, it is within our power to change the way we perceive the world, the way we interpret things and the way we regard people and things around us.

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