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“Language is always an old testament, to be made new; rules, to be broken; dead metaphor, to be made alive; literal meaning, to be made symbolical; oldness of letter to be made new by the spirit. The creator spirit stands in the grave, in the midden heap, the dunghill of culture (as in Finnegans Wake); breaking the seal of familiarity; breaking the cake of custom; rolling the stone from the sepulcher; giving the dead metaphor new life.”

The context for this passage is a meditation on how our world comes to life when we can perceive its metaphorical depth and multi-layered meanings. To think poetically, not to take anything literally, to see past conventional meaning. The very significance of our lives and the world in which we live resurrects when we bring imagination to it all.

This means that every moment of every day is can be an instance of the mystery we celebrate on Easter. It is no small thing, because it prepares us for the ultimate transformation we all have to achieve as we face our mortality and wonder about life and death.

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