The Elder Storytelling Place | We are Never Alone at Death

“Oh my God, “I cried within, “that’s the death rattle” I had been a prolific reader and often this was mentioned in stories and novels read.

Instinctively, I arose and went behind her chair. I gently pulled her back so I could cradle her head and body against my chest and embrace her. I was shaking inside and praying for her. It was the only thing I could do.

Within a few minutes, her body shuddered and went limp. There began to appear a beautiful light around us. To my amazement I saw three figures appear in the mist-like light, two females and a male. I saw both of Vi’s arms reach up to them in spirit. One reached their arms to her.

The “vision” soon faded. I was deeply affected by what I had “seen.” Still in a daze, I gently left her slumped over on the wheel chair tray and called the nurse and the ambulance. In minutes they arrived.

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