An Age-Old Problem: Who Is ‘Elderly’? : NPR

“What’s wrong with being ‘elderly’?” countered another reader. “Our society will forgo our fetish with youth only when we learn to embrace our age and the many descriptions of it, including ‘mature,’ ‘well-seasoned’ and ‘elderly.’ ”

In the end, “elderly” may be more a state of being — or feeling — than a certain age. And the question may not be whether someone else thinks of you as elderly, but whether you think of yourself as elderly.

Jon Carroll, a columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, has been referring to himself as an “elderly man” for 20 years or so. “Sometimes I feel more elderly than others,” says Carroll, who is 69. “I don’t flinch anymore at ‘elderly’ or ‘old’; I flinch more at euphemisms like ‘senior citizen’ or ‘golden years.’ “

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